The many years of experience of the Greek Deli Place company and the Premium Taste group in the field of food and beverages ensure a successful and profitable collaboration for our customers and partners.

The modern methods of operation and the multi-level services of Greek Deli Place make it a pioneer and the most growing company in the sector.

The purpose and main goal of the company is to find Premium Greek products, of limited production, with special characteristics, innovative and of authentic origin, from every corner of Greece.

The selection of products is done very carefully and with specific criteria. Each product goes through tests and quality checks by our specialized department, to arrive at the final choice. Our company represents only premium products and guarantees their quality and authenticity. For every product we have in our catalog, we are sure of its taste, quality and nutritional value.


Wholesale Premium Greek products

Greek Deli Place specializes in the wholesale of Premium Greek food and beverages, has established a relationship of trust with most small producers throughout Greece and selects only the best products from each category. Because of this relationship, for each product a production quantity is reserved and this gives us the possibility of its availability throughout the year. Our company represents only premium products and guarantees their quality and authenticity. Products that differentiate our customers from the competition and offer a unique experience.

Direct distribution and excellent placement of products at points of sale

Greek Deli Place, with modern methods, undertakes the distribution of the products it represents, in every corner of Greece, in a direct and safe way. But the main thing is that it checks at regular intervals, the correct positioning and display of the products at each point of sale. This ensures product readability by the buying public, repeatability of orders and guaranteed sales growth.

Private Label Premium Greek products

We select the best products with the highest quality and in collaboration directly with producers from all over Greece, we create a product according to your needs, with or without your brand. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Exports and representation of Premium Greek products in foreign countries

We undertake the promotion and representation of premium and authentic products in the markets of Greece, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and America. Many years of experience in the field of exports ensures the success of our cooperation with the producer.

Corporate Gifts and gift baskets

We create original and tasty gifts for every occasion or event. Premium corporate gifts, customer welcome gifts and farewell guest souvenirs. Whatever your need, we will cover it with a gift that will take the recipient on a delicious journey to every corner of Greece.

Design and creation of Concept Stores Premium Greek products

Design, creation and supply of Concept Stores Premium Greek products, in European and American countries. Contact us if you are interested in owning your own Premium Greek Products Concept Store.


The Greek Deli Place online platform is a wholesale platform where you can discover a selection of Premium and authentic Greek products. Our products come from producers all over Greece and have been selected by our own experienced tasting team. In us you will find the best products that the Greek land and sea can offer.

A wide range of wonderful Greek products of excellent quality, which you will hardly find anywhere else. Greek Deli Place supplies hotels, restaurants, delicatessen outlets, wineries, super markets, café-bars and other premium customers looking for the best authentic Greek products and ingredients. Our online platform features favorite and hard-to-find products, which we deliver directly and free to your door and business, in a premium and secure way.

A simple and automated ordering process for our customers that offers full management of their services, producers and products all in one place. On our online platform you will find all our products, with a detailed description and categorization, so that you can immediately find exactly what you need.

If you are looking for Premium Greek food and drinks, then Greek Deli Place welcomes you and urges you to explore products of high quality, excellent raw materials, authentic taste and special characteristics of Greece.

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