Dose Geisi Mushroom Powder 35gr - Pack of 12 pcs

Dose Geisi Mushroom Powder 35gr - Pack of 12 pcs

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Give Taste Mushroom Powder 35gr

Give Taste fruit and vegetable powders are 100% natural.

Our powders are produced from fruits and vegetables that have been dehydrated using a special technique, in a controlled environment and low temperature, so that the nutrients of the fruits are not destroyed. In addition, the gustatory and olfactory characteristics are preserved almost unchanged, which do not differ greatly from those of the fresh product. The fruit and vegetable powders were created to add flavor to the daily gustatory wanderings of the modern household. They are easily combined in any sweet or savory recipe and are the "secret ingredient" that will enhance the taste of any dish.

H mushroom powder contains 100% Greek wild mushrooms . Ecological, rich in protein and dried using geothermal energy, our powder has kept all its nutrients and is ready to accompany your healthiest dishes.

 100% natural
 It does not contain additional flavor enhancers
 Without preservatives
 Consists of a single ingredient
 They are rich in nutrients
 The drying is done using geothermal energy

Pack of 12 pieces

Price of a 35g piece: €2.25