Aroma Farms - Organic Bay Leaf 10gr - Pack of 10 pcs

Aroma Farms - Organic Bay Leaf 10gr - Pack of 10 pcs

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Daphne the Apollonius

The laurel has been known since antiquity as its leaves were chewed by the priestesses of Apollo, such as Pythea in the oracle of Delphi, when they gave their oracles and also with a crown from it the Olympians were rewarded in Ancient Greece. According to the legend, Daphne was a nymph, daughter of the river Pinios, dedicated to the goddess Artemis. When the god Apollo saw her, fell in love with her and chased her, she then went to her father asking him to protect her. Pineus transformed her into a plant that took root on its banks. When Apollo saw this he wove a wreath of its leaves, made it his sacred plant, and established it as a prize to the champions of the games.
Its healing properties have been known since ancient times and there are references to them by Hippocrates and Dioscorides.


Laurel has aromatic leaves with a slightly bitter taste. It is used in the food during cooking and we remove it before serving. We can use it in lentils, beans, fava beans, red sauces, soups, mashed potatoes and cooked foods such as stew. We can also use bay leaf to flavor pickled vegetables, marinated olives, cheese, vinegar, oil and also make wonderful concoctions.

Traditional Properties

Traditionally bay leaf is used as a decoction to stimulate and relieve stomach pain and aid digestion. A decoction of bay leaf is thought to help rheumatism, deforming arthritis and fever. Bay leaf powder can be used topically to stop nosebleeds.

Pack of 10 pieces

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