Eubiotica Herbal Tea SPECIAL LovTEA - Pack of 6 pcs

Eubiotica Herbal Tea SPECIAL LovTEA - Pack of 6 pcs

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Eubiotica Herbal Tea SPECIAL LovTEA

To enhance endurance & sexual desire.
The unique drink that comes to improve sexual desire, energy and endurance, in men and women as it helps to increase blood flow in sensitive areas!

Mountain tea: Beneficial to sexual mood and activity.

Maca: Traditionally used to stimulate libido in men and women and increase stamina and energy.

Damiana: This is a well-known aphrodisiac herb for women and men.
Orange flavor / Does not contain caffeine

Unique and innovative EUBIOTICA TEAS from Amhes Pharma.

It combines the pleasure of a herbal drink and the benefits of a specialized food supplement!

It consists of sachets with concentrated energy drinks made from tea and herbs, in liquid form and with a combination of vitamins and extracts, which the consumer simply pours into a glass of cold or hot water and enjoys a pleasant drink with beneficial effects for the body and the upper body Respiratory.

Easily transported in small pouches, no need to carry the entire package. It is kept sealed and hygienic. Each sachet is opened separately, so the shelf life of the others is not affected. The drink does not need to be boiled, it also dissolves in cold water. Ingredients that aim for some desired effects are not affected by the high temperature of boiling water.

The quantity is controlled and specific (7ml), with the result that the amount of extracts and herbs that the consumer receives is standardized, contrary to the dipped bags this is not controlled.

The box contains 20 sachets

Pack of 6 boxes with 20 sachets each