Eva Distillery Sertiko Mytilene Premium Ouzo 200ml - Pack of 24

Eva Distillery Sertiko Mytilene Premium Ouzo 200ml - Pack of 24

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Sertiko Ouzo Mytilene Premium 200ml

SERTIKO ouzo , inspired by oriental recipes and raw materials, is the premium product of the EBA ouzo series. A delicious, strong and highly traditional ouzo, which with its aroma transports us to the habits and tastes of another era.

During the production process, a double distillation ritual is followed in which the fruits, aromatic herbs and roots are distilled in succession. Its characteristic intense aroma comes from the distillation of citrus fruits , ginger , coriander , cardamom , star anise and anise from Lisvori, Lesvos, giving SERTIKO its intense "Sertiko" character.

For lovers of strong ouzo, it is recommended purely for the emergence of its intense aromas. With the addition of ice water, it changes its character and whets the appetite for spicy ouzo appetizers. In the cooking of oriental recipes where ouzo is used as an aromatic raw material, SERTIKO guarantees the duration of the aroma and taste.

Its award-winning bottle features Ottoman and Byzantine motifs, evoking its strong character inspired by a bygone era.

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