Kumilio Dried Kimi Figs 250gr - Pack of 10 pcs

Kumilio Dried Kimi Figs 250gr - Pack of 10 pcs

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Dried Kymi Figs 250gr

The fig is endemic to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Although it is rich in nutritional elements, compared to other fruits it has as a disadvantage its short endurance over time. Thus, since ancient times, fig producers discovered drying as a way to preserve it for a long time, without altering its nutritional value.
Especially in Kymi due to the microclimate of the area, the fig has such a thin skin that it is not marketable as a fresh fruit. The inhabitants of Kymi also resorted to drying, however, inventing an original way: each fig is split in half and dried open. After drying, the figs are joined in pairs and form the "askada", the well-known "Kymi fig".
This special technique appears in the 16th century, while with the commercial flourishing of Kymi and its port in the 18th century, Kymi figs become a key export product of the region.
Today, the process we follow is the same as it has always been. This is because the delicate nature of the fig precludes mechanical methods. Collection, laying in the sun and matching, can only be done by hand. From collection to packaging, each fig can pass through the producer's hand up to 20 times!

Pack of 10 pieces