Lazaris Limoncello Liqueur 500ml - Pack of 6 pcs

Lazaris Limoncello Liqueur 500ml - Pack of 6 pcs

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Limoncello liqueur 500ml

This particular liqueur is produced by extracting the peel of lemons into alcohol, in the traditional way that has been passed down from generation to generation for years:
The peels are carefully peeled so that no trace of the bitter white interior remains. They are then placed together with alcohol in stainless steel tanks, so that the alcohol takes on the substances, the aroma and the color of the fruit. Syrup is then added to make the liqueur. This is followed by filtering and bottling the liqueur.

Transparent, aromatic and tasty , limoncello liqueur is served chilled as a digestive drink after every meal. It is combined with sweet tarts, fruit salads, cakes and dried fruits. It's also great with crushed ice or as an ingredient in cocktails.

Pack of 6

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