Melimnos 3 Varieties of Honey Gift Box 3x120gr - Pack of 7 pcs.

Melimnos 3 Varieties of Honey Gift Box 3x120gr - Pack of 7 pcs.

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3 Varieties of Honey Gift Box 3x120gr

Forest honey

The Origin: A honey as special as the plants it comes from! The contrasts that characterize it combined with its antioxidant properties and its high nutritional value make this honey unique, considering it a nutritional treasure!

The Taste: A special feature of this fine variety is its unique, full of contradictions taste identity, as its sweetness is distinguished by soft bitter aftertastes!

The Aroma: A honey with a dark golden color in which the intense and earthy aroma emerges woody smells from the forests of the mountainous Halkidiki!

Honey from wild herbs & thyme

The Origin: Honey of excellent quality resulting from the composition of thyme honey and wild herbs! Its bright amber color is a result of the flowers from which it is harvested!

The Taste: A variety with a rich special taste characterized by a distinct sweetness and a unique texture! A special flavor combination that owes its complexity of taste to its special composition!

The Aroma: In its wonderful deep aroma, characteristic aromatic notes of thyme and wild herbs of Limnia land can be distinguished!

Wildflower honey

The Origin: A unique honey derived from the natural mixture of the nectars of a wide variety of wildflowers. With a bright copper-red color, characteristic taste and intoxicating aroma, this honey will fascinate you!

The Taste: For its creation, honey is collected from a multitude of fragrant flowers, giving this fine variety a rich taste and unique sweetness!
The Aroma: A special feature of this special variety is its balanced aroma with touches of the unique wild flowers of the place it comes from.

It is a honey rich in nutrients and trace elements satisfying even the most demanding palate!

Pack of 7 pieces

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