Vasilissa Organic Forest Honey mini jar 30gr - Pack of 180 pcs

Vasilissa Organic Forest Honey mini jar 30gr - Pack of 180 pcs

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Organic Forest Honey mini jar 30gr

Wonderful, pure heather honey, with a whole piece of honeycomb, from the largest island of Greece, Evia. It is a special Greek traditional product, with high nutritional value and a beautiful "surprise" that will fascinate everyone, the honeycomb. The heather or susura is one of the excellent bee-trophic plants, it blooms in autumn and spring and gives honey of excellent quality, with unique characteristics depending on the flowering period. This unique honey is collected from the wild heather that blooms in autumn in the pine forests of Evia. It has a shiny dark copper color and charms at first sight. It is characterized by the special and intense earthy aroma of the flowers and its strong taste, which promise "big" sweet enjoyable moments. It is a very nutritious and tonic traditional product for the human body, it is among the elite honeys of the Greek countryside and impresses even the most demanding palates. Honeycomb honey has proven to be particularly effective in the treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcers, it is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, contains antibiotic substances and exhibits a strong immune effect. "Vasilissa" honey is a highly natural product that does not contain preservatives and fascinates with its "pure" impressive organoleptic character! The name "Vasilissa" is due to the legend, according to which... The titan Saturn, descendant of the gods Gaia and Uranus, used to eat his own children. The only survivor was the god Zeus, with the help of the nymph Melissa, who hid him from his father. Saturn, displeased by this, transforms the nymph into an earthworm. Zeus, grateful for his life, finally broke the spell and finally the Bee was transformed into a Queen. Unique, highly enjoyable, Vasilissa honey, encompasses all the quality and greatness of the Greek land!

Pack of 180 pieces